... Our Vicar - Fr Russell Trickey, and his family

Christ Church Geelong has been wonderfully served by its variety of Vicars (and assisting clergy) since the first services were held on the parish site in 1845. You can see the full list and more information about our previous vicars here.

In July 2011 the Parish was delighted to welcome Fr Russell Trickey as Vicar, together with his wife Syama and daughter Malini. Prior to this appointment Fr Russell was the Vicar at All Soul's, Bangalow (in the Diocese of Grafton, NSW).

Anticipating his arrival in July, Fr Russell wrote to the parish:

Greetings to all of you at Christ Church Geelong. My wife Syama, daughter Malini and I are looking forward to being among you and serving God in such a dynamic parish that is dedicated to serving God by serving the wider community. I thank God who has worked through Bishop Philip Huggins, Archbishop Philip Freier and the incumbency committee Ruth Christian, Shurlee Swain and Judy Munro to bring us into your faith community.

I began my life in Geelong and attended Geelong Grammar School until the age of 9 when I moved to Melbourne. For the last 17 years we have lived in Northern NSW and for the last 7 years I have been rector of All Soul’s Anglican Church, Bangalow. My wife was born in Padova Italy and has lived in Australia for 28 years, we have been married for 24 years. My daughter Malini was born in Melbourne 23 years ago.

I was inspired to follow the calling to the priesthood by my friend and mentor, Fr Ian Hunter, who introduced me to the priest who trained me for four and a half years, Fr Harry Reuss (originally from Ballarat Diocese) then of the parish of All Saints, Murwillumbah. I was fortunate to have Bishop John Grindrod as my mentor (Bishop John was the former Anglican Primate of Australia). I later spent a year under Bishop Doug Stevens at Tweed Heads Parish and worked as assistant Chaplain to Fr Philip Hardie at Lindisfarne Anglican School, Terranora, before coming to Bangalow as Rector. I was ordained both deacon and priest by Bishop Philip Huggins.

While living in Bangalow, Syama has been employed as relief co-ordinator of Meals on Wheels in Murwillumbah and my daughter Malini is in her last year of a double degree in Business and Human Resources.

My spiritual approach is Anglo-Catholic and is based in a strong sense of serving Christ in the Eucharist and communing with the Lord in the heart. I am of the conviction that the Lord is the ground of being of everyone, regardless of race, sex or creed. I therefore feel called to serve whoever the Lord sends to me to serve. I believe that honour for God means to honour one’s self and all others. Loving God and neighbour is the essential principle of the religious life.

When Bishop Philip asked if I was interested in serving at Christ Church, Geelong, my heart skipped a beat. I remember as a child, and later when visiting Geelong, passing by the Parish of Christ Church and looking toward it thinking how beautiful it was. I would never have imagined that one day I would end up being the vicar. Astounding! I am deeply honoured to have the opportunity to be priest among you.

When I came down for an interview with Archdeacon Neil Hicks and the incumbency committee, Ruth, Shurlee and Judy, I had the chance to enter the church for the first time. My breath was taken away by the beauty of the stained glass and the mural on the back wall that reminded me of churches in Italy. I could sense the spiritual atmosphere of the place, a place where the Eucharist has been conducted with love and honour for a long time.

If the Eucharist is honoured properly it means the presence of Christ has been honoured and that presence creates the divine atmosphere in a church and transforms it into a holy place of pilgrimage. That’s the sense I had when I visited Christ Church.

In the parish profile I was given it also struck me how the parish was called to serve its community through the meals program. I also read how members of the congregation felt a sense of commitment to serving Geelong. Some had written that they also hope the new vicar would be someone committed to Geelong. I love Geelong, I still have many relatives there and it is the place in this world I call home. Although I have been away from Geelong for a long time, whenever I have returned here I have felt like I have come home.

As I write this I am still serving at All Soul’s Bangalow and so my attention is still quite focused on the job at hand here, but there is a part of me that is growing in excitement about moving to Christ Church and returning home to Geelong.

Syama, Malini and I are looking forward to settling in Geelong and being part of your wonderful parish.

God bless you all, Russell

The Wardens, Vestry and whole Parish community welcomed Fr Russell and his family in July 2011, and in 2021 joined with Fr Russell and his family in celebrating his tenth year with Christ Church in Geelong. We look forward to our Relationship with Fr Russell continuing for a long and fruitful further time together.