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        Should you wish to read the corresponding Epistles, Psalm and Gospel, they can be found at Readings & Prayers.

(Note that because Easter follows a lunar cycle, dependent festival dates may fall in a different month.)
(Note also that while the issue pages appear jumbled they are that way to aid production of the leaflet. We thought it was more important to publish quickly rather than delay while we re-arrange the pages in normal order.)

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December January February
1st Sunday of Advent
2nd Sunday of Advent
3rd Sunday of Advent
4th Sunday of Advent
1st Sunday after Christmas
      or Holy Innocents
Baptism of our Lord
2nd Sunday after Epiphany
3rd Sunday after Epiphany
4th Sunday after Epiphany
      or Presentation of Christ in the Temple
5th Sunday after Epiphany
      or Candlemas
Ash Wednesday
1st Sunday in Lent
      or Darwin Defenders
2nd Sunday in Lent
      or Transfiguration
3rd Sunday in Lent
March April May
4th Sunday in Lent
      or Mothering Sunday
5th Sunday in Lent
      or Passion Sunday
      or Palm Sunday
2nd Sunday of Easter
3rd Sunday of Easter
4th Sunday of Easter
5th Sunday of Easter
      or St Mark, Evangelist & Martyr
      or ANZAC Day
6th Sunday of Easter
7th Sunday of Easter
      or Ascension
Sunday after Ascension
Trinity Sunday
Corpus Christi
June July August
Sunday between 5 - 11 June (Pentecost 3)
Sunday between 12 - 18 June (Pentecost 4)
      or St Barnabas
Sunday between 19 - 25 June (Pentecost 5)
Sunday between 26 June & 2 July ...
   Peter & Paul, Apostles and Martyrs
Sunday between 3 - 9 July (P7)
Sunday between 10 - 16 July (P8)
Sunday between 17 - 23 July...
   Mary Magdalene

Sunday between 24 - 30 July ...
   St James
Sunday between 31 July & 6 Aug (P11)
Sunday between 7 - 13 Aug (P12)
Sunday between 14 - 20 Aug
   Mary Mother of Our Lord

Sunday between 21 - 27 Aug (P14)
   St Bartholomew
Sunday between 28 Aug & 3 Sept (P15)
September October November
Sunday between 4 - 10 Sept (P16)
Wisdom Cries Out
Sunday between 11 - 17 Sept (P18)
Sunday between 18 - 24 Sept...
   St Matthew

Sunday between 25 Sept & 1 Oct...
   Michael & All Angels
Sunday between 2 - 8 Oct...
   St Francis

Sunday between 9 - 15 Oct (P22)
Sunday between 16 - 22 Oct (P23)
Simon & Jude
Sunday between 23 - 29 Oct (P24)
All Saints
Sunday between 6 - 12 Nov (P25)
Sunday between 13 - 19 Nov (P26)
Remembrance Sunday
Christ The King

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