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................... ... this season at Christ Church

Writing on the Sunday before Christmas, Fr Russell reminded us -

"... The one we know as Jesus of Nazareth is not a new phenomenon or one that came into being 2000 years ago..... Jesus came to do the will of his Father and the self-giving nature of God becomes our nature when our hearts join with His....."

...We may also choose to accept the self-giving nature of divine love. We can choose to live according to the principles of non-violence and cause no harm. We can tread lightly on God's earth and serve God by serving others according to our capacity and means. The life of service is sweet and rewarding beyond measure. Each kind word or deed we perform, each kind thought and each rejection of the negative thoughts, words and deeds will help us become one with the self-giving nature revealed in Christ our Lord..."

Christ Church is on the corner of Moorabool and McKillop Streets in Geelong - follow the links from the menu at the left of this page to find out more about the Parish.


... celebrasting Easter at Christ Church....

The season of Lent and then Holy Week and Easter are only a few weeks away. This year the Easter services at Christ Church will be -

Wednesday February 26th - Ash Wednesday

Sunday April 5th - Palm Sunday (normal service times)

Monday April 6th - 7.30pm Stations of the Cross

Tuesday April 7th - 6.30pm Eucharist followed by 7.15pm Meditation

Wednesday April 8th - 10am and 6.30pm Eucharist; 7.30pm Healing Service

Maundy Thursday April 9th - 7.30pm Washing of the Feet

Good Friday April 10th - 9.30am Adoration of the Cross, and Reserved Sacrament Mass

Saturday April 11th - Easter Vigil 7.30pm

Easter day April 12th - 8am and 9.30am Eucharist

Other special services in the coming weeks include the annual Darwin Defenders' Service, to be held at 9.30am on Sunday 16th February to mark the 78th Anniversary of the bombing of Darwin on 19th February 1942.

The Parish Book Group resumed on Tuesday February 11th (at 2pm in the SchoolRoom) and the first book for 2020 will be  “Inventing Hell ...” by Jon M Sweeney.  If you are interested in joining this discussion group please get in touch with Jenny Dunn (c/o the Parish Office).

The Parish Social Club has also resumed from February - for details of activities planned for the year contact the Parish Office or speak to a Parish Council member ... and Parish Film Nites resumed from February - films will be shown monthly in the St Mary's Theatrette. Contact the Parish Office or see the weekly Parish Bulletin (available at all services) for detaul sof coming films.

.... and on Saturday 6th June and Sunday 7th June the 2020 Winter Woolies and Other Wonders Market will be held (from 9.30am to 1.30pm on both days)... mark this special date in diaries now!

... details of these and all the other happenings around the Parish are available from the Parish Office or at our regular services.


Come and Worship with us! You will be very welcome!
updated 14th February 2020
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