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Christ Church is on the corner of Moorabool and McKillop Streets in Geelong - follow the links from the menu at the left of this page to find out more about the Parish.




With the Christmas season now behind us, we are in the season of Epiphany, an important time in the church calendar but also a somewhat quieter time at Christ Church as many parishioners are away and some services are in abeyance until February.

During January the Sunday 8am and 9.30am Eucharist services continue, as does the Wednesday Eucharist at 9.30am, but other services (including the 5.15pm Sunday evening service, and the Meditation, Healing and Morning Prayer services on weekdays) are in recess until the week beginning Sunday 3rd February 2019.

Looking ahead as the year unfolds....

Although a quieter time, there are important services in the weeks ahead, including -

purple ball the Opening of the Legal Year will be celebrated with an Ecumenical Service at Christ Church on Monday January 14th at 8.30am, when representatives of the judiciary and legal professional will attend.

purple ball Sunday 3rd February 2019 - Start-Up Sunday - to mark the end of the holiday period, and the resumption of all Sunday and Weekday services, there will be a special Eucharist on Sunday 3rd February followed by morning tea for all the parish. This Sunday will also be the first Child and Families Service (CAFS) for 2019.

See the weekly Parish Press or contact the Parish Office for more details of all happenings across the Parish.




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