...make Christ Church a part of your worship at home!

Our usual Sunday services are at 8am, 10am and 5.15pm, and on Wednesday morning at 10am - details of these and our weekday services can be found here. Come if you'd like to join in worship with the Christ Church faith community! ...but if you can't get to church for the moment, the Vicar and the ministry team are always happy to take the Eucharist to parishioner homes - just contact the Vicar to arrange this!

If you are worshipping from home below you can find parish news and resources, together with a Eucharist service, and a Morning or Evening Prayer service - both of which Fr Russell has recorded for you to use whenever you like, at home ...


... worshipping at home

...join with the parish in Eucharist at Christ Church (video - 34:40) - this is a regular Eucharist Service with organ music accompaniment. You can find the weekly Readings (Old and New Testament. the Psalm, and the Gospel) by clicking here.

You can also listen here to one of the sermons recorded at Christ Church.

... a copy of the Prayer Book Eucharist Service can be viewed or downloaded here (for use while you share in the Eucharist service, if you don't have a copy of the Prayer Book at home)

...or join in a Morning or Evening Prayer Service (video - 9:46) - Fr Russell has recorded this service for your use at any time that suits you....

... a copy of this Prayer Book Service can be viewed or downloaded here (for use while you join in this prayer service with Fr Russell, if you don't have a copy of the Prayer Book at home)

* please remember that both services were recorded live in Christ Church, so some background noise is audible (and even the occasional ambulance siren!) and volume controls may need to be adjusted.

you can read the most recent Parish Press here (including the Vicar's message, prayers, and Parish information) or read earlier ones if you need to.

today's Readings and Psalm - a link to the allocated Old and New Testament Readings, Psalm, and the Gospel.

.... and if you enjoy singing, a selection of favourite Hymns sung by the Christ Church choir and congregation is available here or from the link below.

... and for quiet times in the week ahead...

Holy & Saints Days for this month .... The Melbourne Anglican .... God in the Arts

Anglican Prayer Diary (for this month)....singalong with your favourite hymns

…. for other news the quarterly Parish Magazine - the Chronicle - is published each quarter (March, June, September & December), and is available on-line too - just click here!

... remember that you can continue to support the Parish by bank account deductions via the Anglican Development Fund ... our Parish needs everyone's support!

...wear those masks, stay safe and stay well!




...you can find Christ Church on the corner of Moorabool & McKillop Sts, Geelong

Vicar - Fr Russell Trickey - 0433 933 738   or email trickeyrussell13@gmail.com  

Parish Office Ph 03 5221 8055 (messages only until after the virus restrictions are lifted)


...Christ Church is also on Facebook (see the link in the main menu on the left of the Parish Home Page)


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