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... the National Council of Churches is encouraging us all to use this prayer, and especially on Sunday 2nd August -

Gracious God, trusting in your providence and presence, we bring our prayer for an end to this pandemic. We pray for your strengthening of all those committed to offering costly leadership during this crisis. We pray for all who are ill. We pray for those anxious about getting ill. We pray for those full of grief. We remember those who have died. Aware of our fragility, we pray for your grace to sustain us as we do what we can to end this pandemic. Your compassionate, peaceful and creative response to many crises is our model, including in our Sunday Gospel (Mt. 14: 13-21). As we worship in resurrection faith on Sunday August 2, we offer our heartfelt prayer in your Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

...during the Covid 19 shutdown period, there are none of the regular Sunday services in church, but the 10am Wednesday Eucharist is continuing (it is filmed each week for the Parish Web Page), and there is a small 4pm service each Sunday ... BUT YOU MUST REGISTER in advance with Fr Russell if you wish to attend either service, and numbers are strictly limited to meet Diocesan and Government health requirements. From Sunday 2nd August you MUST wear a face mask to, from and during any service you are attending. You can click here to read Fr Russell's letter to parishioners regarding these service arrangements.

Below you can find this week's Eucharist and other resources for your use in worship at home in the coming week...


Ninth Sunday after Pentecost- 2nd August 2020

join in today's Eucharist at Christ Church (video- 51:51)celebrated especially for The Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

* please note - this service is filmed live in Christ Church, so some background noise is audible, and volume controls may need to be adjusted! The video begins with the Organ Prelude and Fr Russell's entry, and continues through to the final Blessing, and includes the Readings, the Psalm, the Gospel, the Sermon (presented by Fr Russell) with music chosen and played by Organist Winton Barry - for your use in your worship at home....

this week's Parish Press (2nd August 2020)  (the Vicar's message, prayers, and Parish information)

today's Readings and Psalm - a link to today's Readings, Psalm, and the Gospel - which for the Ninth Sunday after Pentecost are Genesis 32: 22-31 and Romans 9: 1-8, Psalm 17: 1-7, 16, and the Gospel is Matthew 14 verses 13-21

you can also listen to a beautiful but very different interpretation of today's Psalm (Ps 17 verses 1-16) "Hear my just cause, O Lord, give heed to my cry" - as harmonised by Poor Bishop Hooper (EveryPsalm). The words for the Psalm are here. ** please ignore or skip any advertisements that appear before the singing of the Psalms!

...Special Prayers (for the pandemic, for our Vicar and supporting clergy) ...this week please pray for...

this week's Hymn - Hymn 235 - A Man there lived in Galilee- Winton plays this hymn during the Eucharist, which you can watch and join in by clicking the link above, but here you can hear it again and sing along if you wish - the words are here.

... and for quiet times in the week ahead...

Holy Days (August) .... The Melbourne Anglican (August)  ....

Anglican Prayer Diary (August).... God in the Arts ..... books to read .......

The Parish Pastoral Group is trying to keep in touch with everyone by phone, but email the Parish or call Fr Russell (0433933738) or Judy Munro (0419870447) if you have any queries.

... ... and please remember that you can continue to support the Parish by bank account deductions via the Anglican Development Fund ... and also through the digital Entertainment Book for 2020-21 - click this link for details. The Parish needs our continued support!

...for other news the quarterly Parish Magazine - the Chronicle - is mailed or delivered each quarter but is also available online (see link at left).

This page is being updated at least weekly, as Government and Diocesan directions are received, so check this page for any changes to service arrangements.

Stay safe and stay well!

...you can find Christ Church on the corner of Moorabool & McKillop Sts, Geelong

Vicar - Fr Russell Trickey

0433 933 738  or email trickeyrussell13@gmail.com  

Parish Office Ph 03 5221 8055


letter from Fr Russell to the Parish regarding service arrangements (17 July 2020)

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