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...though the Covid restrictions are slowly easing there are still no regular Sunday or weekday services in church, for now at least ... but individual private prayer in the church IS permitted on weekdays 12-2pm, and regular services WILL resume as soon as Government & Diocesan restrictions allow.... in the meantime, worship is still continuing and below you can find this week's Eucharist, parish news and and resources for worship at home...


Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost - 18th October 2020

...join in this week's Eucharist at Christ Church (video - 51:18) celebrating The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost - a full Eucharist service, including prayers, readings, the sermon, and organ music accompaniment. The Celebrant and Preacher for this service is Fr Russell.

... a copy of the Prayer Book Eucharist Service can be viewed or downloaded here (for use while you share in the Eucharist service, if you don't have a copy of the Prayer Book at home)

...or join in a Morning or Evening Prayer Service (video - 9:46) - Fr Russell has recorded this service for your use at any time or day of the week that suits you....

... a copy of this Prayer Book Service can be viewed or downloaded here (for use while you join in this prayer service with Fr Russell, if you don't have a copy of the Prayer Book at home)

* please remember that both services were filmed live in Christ Church, so some background noise is audible (and even the occasional ambulance siren!) so volume controls may need to be adjusted.

this week's Parish Press (18th October 2020) (the Vicar's message, prayers, and Parish information)

today's Readings and Psalm - a link to today's Readings, Psalm, and the Gospel - which for this Sunday are Exodus 33:12-23 and 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10, Psalm 99, and the Gospel is Matthew 22:15-23.

you can also listen to a beautiful presentation of today's Psalm (Ps 99) - by the Chapel Choir of Men and Boys at St Paul's Episcopal Church (Oakland, California) - or for something more adventurous, listen to the version of Psalm 99 presented by the Sons of Korah (Brooklyn Taberbacle Choir)....the words for the Psalm are here. ** please ignore or skip any advertisements that appear before the singing of the Psalm!

...Special Prayers (for the pandemic, and for our Vicar and supporting clergy) ... & this week please pray for...

...this week's Hymn is "Spirit of the living God" (Mission Praise #613). Winton has selected this hymn especially for the-is week's Eucharist, and plays his own arrangement of this great hymn during the service, but here you can listen again and sing along if you wish - Hymn 613 words are here.

...Fr Russell and the Parish Council this week remind us that our Parish Annual General Meeting is only a few weeks away - on Sunday 29th November- and this year with the uncertainty and restrictions brought about by the Covid pandemic is even more important than ever. The work of our Parish Council is critical in supporting our Vicar and clergy, and together with all of us in leading the Parish into our worship and community life as the continuing implications of the Covid pandemic become clearer. Click this link for more detail on the AGM and the process for nominating for the 2020-21 Parish Council.... but mark your diaries NOW and think about how you can best serve God in this Parish in the coming year.

... and for quiet times in the week ahead...

Holy & Saints Days (October) .... The Melbourne Anglican (October)**  ....

Anglican Prayer Diary (October).... God in the Arts ..... more books to read .......

** this month's TMA includes an article on the Christ Church Community Meals Program (and photo of Ruth C.!) and letter from Judy Munro - and lots of other items to read in preparation for post-Covid church life.....

Fr Russell and the Parish Pastoral Group are keeping in touch with everyone by phone, as far as possible, but if you have any questions email the Parish or call Fr Russell (0433933738) or Judy Munro (0419870447). If you have special prayers you'd like to be included in the Weekly Prayers, please email or phone them in....

... ... and please remember that you can continue to support the Parish by bank account deductions via the Anglican Development Fund ... our Parish needs everyone's support!

...for other news the quarterly Parish Magazine - the Chronicle - is published each quarter, and the latest September 2020 edition (#54) is available on-line (see the link from the menu on our Home Page) if you haven't reveived a copy yet.

This page is being updated at least weekly, as Government and Diocesan directions are received, so check this page for any changes to service arrangements.

...wear those masks, stay safe and stay well!

...you can find Christ Church on the corner of Moorabool & McKillop Sts, Geelong

Vicar - Fr Russell Trickey

0433 933 738  or email trickeyrussell13@gmail.com  

Parish Office Ph 03 5221 8055 (message only until after the virus restrictions are lifted)


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