... Holy Week at Christ Church ...

Beginning with Palm Sunday Holy Week marks one of the most important times in the Christian calendar. It is, as Fr Russell has reminded us, a journey which starts on Palm Sunday and reaches its conclusion on Easter Day... a journey of faith, of devotion, and of surrender.

On this page, and on the linked pages, you will find images from that Holy Week journey at Christ Church in 2019, and you can listen to several of the addresses given during that week, and can hear some of the choral presentations from the choir and organist Winton Barry. On the Stations of the Cross page (linked below) you can re-visit the Stations and the associated meditations, to use as a personal devotion if you wish. Interspersed with the 2019 photos and sound clips, are Fr Russell's messages to the parish for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day 2020.

Note that all recordings were made live at Christ Church, so some background and congregational noise may be audible. Some of the files - especially the sermons at the several services - are quite large and so may be slow to load, and your volume controls may need to be adjusted from time to time. The images and sound clips below are from the 2019 services other than Fr Russell's three Addresses recorded specifically for the 2020 Holy Week.



Easter Monday

- the Stations of the Cross


The fifteen Stations of the Cross are accompanied by meditations and readings - you can revisit the Stations and use them for personal meditation and quiet times here.

Easter Tuesday

- Holy Eucharist


.... listen to Fr Russell's address to this 2019 service (7:40)





Maundy Thursday

the Washing of the Feet

Eucharist of the Last Supper

the Stripping of the Altar


You can listen to several excerpts from the 2019 Maundy Thursday service here -

... the organ prelude, played by Organist Winton Barry. (1:39)

... the Gospel Acclamations, and Gospel (5:35)

... Psalm 116 was sung during the 2019 service, with organ accompaniment and cantor Michael Macrobbie (3:36)

... and the choir sang during the Washing of the Feet (8:58)

... you can watch or listen to Fr Russell's Address for Maundy Thursday 2020 here - video OR audio (3:39)

... the final Psalm 22 was read in 2019 by Margaret Tembo (3:00) during the Stripping of the Altar at the conclusion of the 2019 service, after which a silent vigil of prayer took place......

Good Friday -

the Liturgy and the Reading of the Passion

the Veneration of the Cross

You can watch or listen to Fr Russell's Address for Good Friday 2020 here - Video or Audio (2:53) .....

.... and can also listen to the Psalm as sung in 2019 during the service, with organ accompaniment and cantor Jo Dalzeil, here (2:59)




Holy Saturday

the Lighting of the Pascal Candle

Re-affirmation of Baptismal Vows

the first Eucharist of Easter


Several excerpts from the 2019 Holy Saturday service can be heard here -

... Hymn 351 (Choir and Congregation) (4:41)

... The Exulcet - in 2019 sung by Cantor Jo Dalziel (6:50)

... The Gradual Hymn 367 and Gospel Acclamations (2:59)

... The Gospel, Organ Voluntary and Sermon (Fr Andrew) (10:30)

... Hymn 372 (Choir and Congregation) (2:19)

... the Organ Postlude (3:28)

Easter Day -

Holy Eucharist


... you can watch or listen to Fr Russell's Address for Easter Day 220 here - video OR audio (3:18)

... the Organ Postlude (3:22)