....some messages, news & photos from across your parish!


We recently celebrated with a very few friends our 60th wedding anniversary - the planned celebration had to be deferred due to the present problems. A family get together will happen when things settle down.
Kind regards, Rae and Jim Medlock 2nd April

cuppa time! Mandy Tannouri (3rd April)

Can I recommend Songs of Praise Channel 2 11.30am Sunday as a form of worship? Christian Folk all watching a program is about as close as a congregation as we can have at present.Please pray for Syama’s family in Italy, Father Russell, and all those of our Parish who administer to each other, as well as retired Clergy. Go with God (Bill Barber 6th April)

Hi - We are still at Towamba. Only 13 in the camp and we are not allowed to let anymore in. We have effectively locked the hall and sports ground down to locals. This is not going down well with a couple of residents. They seem to believe that the Corona virus restrictions are a load of rot. We still go out fencing, in the open air and observing restrictions on the number of people in a car. Can't really get more isolated. At least we are helping farmers keep their stock in. I think "life as we knew it" has changed forever. Sonya and Peter Dohnt - 5th April (Sonya and Pete were parishioners until a couple of years ago when they left to tour Australia which, until now at least, they are continuing to do!)

... and the Meals Program is continuing every morning and on the usual two evenings, and with daily food parcels as needed... but all are on a "take away" basis for the present...

David and I followed the resources on the website at 515 pm yesterday and did our worship using the music, sermon and reading the prayers and readings. It went really well. Blessings - David Hocking and Sue Murrant 30th March

Thanks for the this weeks Palm Sunday service which was of great benefit to us.
Blessings - Margaret and Russ Edwards 5th April

We have just listened to the Maundy service readings and sermon, and looked at the new "Goings On" page.
Thank you for making the Services available to us all. 

- Rae and Jim Medlock 9th April

Judy Goy, with Annie (and Ukulele) 5th April

Fr Russell recording one of the Easter Addresses at Christ Church


Good Friday at Christ Church 2020 - with the Cross as set up by Sacristan Jamie Haywood


Hi! Good Friday and Easter Day on line was greatly valued.  Russel’s message was brief and topical.... Anne and I were surprised at the depth of our reaction as we listened.  I became aware of a feeling of relaxation in my chest.  Guess I’ve been missing CC more than I was aware... Easter at our group of three units, each occupied by retired couples, was celebrated despite the isolation order.  Each couple provided part of a meal and left portions on the doorsteps of the other two units.  I barbecued lamb, Anne roasted vegetables, one neighbour deposited wine and apple crumble, and the third couple Easter eggs and treats.  Tables in each unit were set with Easter themes and best tableware.  We replayed CC Easter at home while we ate. 
Anne and Alan Howarth (12th April)


Enjoyed the Easter services and daily prayer. Here are a couple of shots of us about to enjoy greek style Easter lamb on Sunday! (David Hocking and Susan Murrant, 14th April)

... with social distancing there should be even more time to smell the roses! My Easter Rose (Phillip Swain, 13 April)

... and, difficult though social isolation may be, most of us do have somewhere to sleep at night - this photo was taken at Christ Church during Holy Week

Happy Easter to you all! Loved singing along to “The strife is O’er” in the comfort of our living room! Sue & Jack Wong (12th April)

Anne and I send our heartfelt thanks for enabling us to be virtually in Christ Church for Easter 1.  We “went to Church” twice in one day! Ascension is a feast of Our Lord, so the liturgical colour is white.  The penitential seasons of Advent and Easter are purple.  (Alan and Anne Howarth, 20 April)



Judy Goy with Annie at Christ Church helping with the Emergency Food cupboard (24th April).... Jan McGowan was also there but she was taking the photo!

Thank you very much for [bringing] ... Christ Church into our homes,
Much appreciated.  We listen on Sunday mornings and follow that with the ABC's  Songs of Praise - with all those wonderful choirs and beautiful churches (Jim and Rae Medlock - 28th April)

...and another rose! (Phillip Swain 29th April)


...I especially enjoy bellowing out my favourite hymns ! What a good idea it was to put them on the website.
(Judy , 1st May)

Rae and Jim Medlock sent a link to an inspirational rendition of “You raise me up” which is also worth listening to – it’s a great song and beautifully sung here by Martin Hurkens – the link is at    https://youtu.be/q2KQb0JWziw    - enjoy! (you may have to skip the ads that inevitably appear first, before the song!) (Jim and Rae Medlock - 2nd May)


Johnathan's dogs

Jonathan Harvey tells us that Nimrod and Cricket are far more photogenic than he is, but are keeping him busy! (Jonathan Harvey, 5th May)

.... some sad news

....many parishioners will have been saddened to hear of the passing of two parishioners from within the Christ Church community. Heather Fullarton passed away on Friday 1st May and her funeral was taken by Fr Russell on 8th May ....

... and on Tuesday 12th May our dear frend and Church Warden David Peek also passed away, and Fr Russell took his funeral service in Christ Church on Friday 15th May. Please remember them on your prayers - and Heather's husband Brett and children Hamish and Ruby; and David's family- Barbara, Andrew and Carly and grandson Bentley, Sarah and Andrew,

....and all those who miss and mourn these two special and much loved people.



updated 15th May 2020